Friday, February 27, 2009

Shrimp and Tears

So last night Ashley takes me to a romantic dinner at Long John Silver's (had I known he was this romantic I would have married him sooner) and we are the only ones in the restaurant except for an older gentlemen sitting alone across from us. While enjoying my meal of popcorn shrimp and fries (I am very health conscience during this pregnancy) I start thinking about this old man sitting alone eating his dinner on a Thursday evening; and how he probably doesn't have any family and has no one to cook for him and is chronically and eternally alone (I haven't always been this optimistic) and I start BAWLING. Ashley looks at me like I have just sprouted green antlers and states, "Oh my god, you are crying." We sit there for an uncomfortable moment while I try to recooperate and finally I say with a touch of annoyance and pride, "I wish for just one day you could experience these hormones!" And he looks at me and says, "Believe me, I have, everyday for the last 3 months."

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Conversations with my Mother...

Mom: So honey did you pick out a name for the baby?

Me: Yeah, I think so. We chose Finley Malone, for either a boy or a girl!

Mom: Pff. Finley? What kind of name is that? Wait, this is a joke isn't Mandi? hahaha! That is a good one! No seriously... what did you pick?

Me: (Pause) Well, I...I am serious, it's Finley. Finley Malone.

Mom: You CANNOT name my grandchild a name like Finkle.

Me: It's FINLEY, Finley, mom. Not Finkle. (stifling uncontrollable laughter)

Mom: Well Finkle would even be better than Finley. I will have to find another name to call them.

Me: Ok Mom. You just decide what you want to call Finley.

Mom: What about "Fin Fin"? Haha! "C'mere Fin Fin!

Me: (Sigh. Shaking my head)

Meet the Gaskins

The Gaskins
Hello! We are the Gaskins and we are new to the blog world! And hold the phone, we just found out that we have procreated! I decided that now would be as good of time as any to start writing about it so perfect strangers and friends alike can be a virtual audience in our life. We are due on September 19th but according to my mother I will be 2 weeks late (she's prophetic to boot). So we are excited and I am excited to share all of my personal ins and outs of this life changing journey. So enjoy!