Monday, September 14, 2009

My Cups Runneth Over

I would like to take this moment and say a prayer of thanks and appreciation to God and my body for producing this Liquid Workout that we all know as Breast Milk. Because of this miracle fat zapper I have lost 2o pounds in 8 days! What!?! Ok, so maybe some of it was attributed to the deliverance of Rinks and all of his glory but still, it ain't bad. So I have decided that I am never going to stop breastfeeding, and when Rinks grows out of it I will just start feeding random hungry babies like Salma Hayek, only with a more selfish intention of never having to step on a treadmill again. Meanwhile, as Rinks has been sucking every last calorie out of me, it has all been for good reason because he is finally up to a whopping 7 pounds. So I am anticipating looking like Kate Moss (minus the Cocaine addiction) by Thanksgiving. Whoo hoo! And to think that people said Motherhood would make me less vain... I think not. Here is the latest pic of the little gangsta.