Monday, April 13, 2009

'Naders and Tater Tots...

I should have been a storm chaser. Not because I love storms, but because they obviously love me. So I would like to formally apologize to Nashville for the recent storms, I have not been back in Nashville a week and they are already lurking close behind. I try to be cautious in storms and this one was no different. So there I am huddled in my downstairs bathroom complete with Buddy Lee (a.k.a. the best dog in the world), a flashlight, bottled water, trail mix (mama's hungry), a portable radio, and my cell phone with FEMA on speed dial- just in case. I can hear the wind flailing outside and the hail beating against the window and peek around to the back window and see that my little fence is about to give it up at any minute. Then the phone rings. It's Dana, my sister. I assume she is wanting to come and seek shelter since she lives on a 2nd floor condo, so of course I answer the phone. "Hey," I answer, "you calling to come over? The sirens are going off and it's saying that we are under a Tornado Warning right now- you better hurry if you are coming over." "No," she says casually, " I was about to go to Sonic and wanted to know if you wanted anything. Do you?" Wait a tick. What did she just say? "Wait, what? The Sonic in Nolansville? Dana, there is a Tornado warning there RIGHT NOW." "I know, but I want a Diet Coke so bad, I guess if you see someone twirling in the air you'll know it's me. So do you want something?" She is obviously out of her mind...butI am kinda hungry, and since she is willing to risk her life for a diet coke, why not make it worthwhile with a burger and fries too? "You're (freakish) loyalty to the Sonic Fountain Drinks should really be noted and possibly rewarded. Ok fine, get me a burger and fries... and a large Diet Coke." Before anyone starts to lecture about letting my sister out in the storm, let me tell you, there was NO WAY she would be deterred from a Sonic Diet Coke mission, like I said, freakish loyalty. She shows up 20 minutes later soaked head to toe at my door step holding two large Diet Cokes and a bag of burgers. I couldn't help but laugh; she might be insane, but at least she is considerate.

On a serious note, the storms in Murfreesboro were tragic and my thoughts go out to those who lost their homes and/or loved ones.