Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MapQuest Called, They Want My Boobs Back.

There are lots of things people tell you about pregnancy. Like the first time you feel that sweet little kick, or the horrible morning sickness, or even those crazy mood swings. However, many fail to tell you what happens above Ground Zero when you venture to the mounds resting due North. I discovered this hidden revelation when I was getting into the shower just the other morning and found that I could locate Utah on my left breast. Startled, I took a closer look because I was sure my eyes were deceiving me. Only when I got closer, not only did I see Utah, but I could see the capital city (unfortunately, Capital names were not listed on my breasts) lined with red and blue lines of surrounding interstates. And if that wasn't bad enough, browned biscuit-sized saucers invaded what used to be called nipples (sorry Dad if you are reading this). Sure, I know what some of you are going to say- this is a beautiful process the pregnant body goes through when the veins in your breasts expand in order to prepare for the feeding of your precious infant. Save it, because I'm not interested. I miss the days when I could boast proudly of veinless, perky boobs, proportionate nipples, and dignity in knowing that if my shirt happened to blow open on a windy day (or for some beads in New Orleans on Mardi Gras) that I could hold my head (and chest) up high and shout "Whoo Hoo! Boobies!"
But sadly, those days have come to a close and all I have left is a couple of lumpy maps that I never even learned how to read.

Thanks alot Mother Nature.