Monday, September 14, 2009

My Cups Runneth Over

I would like to take this moment and say a prayer of thanks and appreciation to God and my body for producing this Liquid Workout that we all know as Breast Milk. Because of this miracle fat zapper I have lost 2o pounds in 8 days! What!?! Ok, so maybe some of it was attributed to the deliverance of Rinks and all of his glory but still, it ain't bad. So I have decided that I am never going to stop breastfeeding, and when Rinks grows out of it I will just start feeding random hungry babies like Salma Hayek, only with a more selfish intention of never having to step on a treadmill again. Meanwhile, as Rinks has been sucking every last calorie out of me, it has all been for good reason because he is finally up to a whopping 7 pounds. So I am anticipating looking like Kate Moss (minus the Cocaine addiction) by Thanksgiving. Whoo hoo! And to think that people said Motherhood would make me less vain... I think not. Here is the latest pic of the little gangsta.

He's Heeerrre!!

Last Saturday on September 5th at 3:43pm I became the mom to the cutest little boy that ever graced this planet and thus overnight went from being the World's Crankiest Pregnant Woman to the World's Most Obnoxious Mother. So here is the cause for all those hormones, stretch marks, near divorce to my husband, Boobie road maps, and of course, the cellulite; and he was worth every single minute. So now that the Gestation Chronicles has come to an end, hold on to your hat for the start of what will now be Planet Postpartum.

Rinks William - World's Cutest Boy