Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rebel without a Clue

Much like Sarah Palin, Ashley has gone Rogue on me. Back in the good ole' days I would shop for Ashley and he never bucked the system. He mindlessly put on anything that I bought him (which was usually likened to that of Justin Timberlake) and wore it without any complaint. He got a personal shopper out of the deal, and I got to dress him up like my own real life Ken doll- it was a win/win for all involved. Now, however, he has decided to have a fashion mind of his own and is RUINING my secret agenda of turning him into David Beckham (to which I can then lose 95 pounds and turn into Posh). Take Exhibit A: Yesterday I bring home a perfectly trendforward Flannel shirt that is so popular right now (see my inspiration below) and instead of just putting the damn thing on, he snubs it, and says he wants his style to be Classic, not trendy. Really?? Where is he getting these outlandish ideas? And when will I ever get my Ken Doll back?!? Now my master plan to get him in a Fedora will NEVER work. Sigh.

P.S.- Speaking of Going Rogue, will someone please send the memo to Levi Johnston that the subscribers of PlayGirl... aren't actually girls?? Somebody lied to him. Gross.