Monday, January 4, 2010

Aw Naw, they done did it now!

Just when I thought that Reality TV couldn't trudge any lower in our moral gutters (see: Jersey Shore, Every MTV show ever made, Real Chance at Love), ABC shows up in their media garbage truck and dumps "Conveyor Belt of Love" in our laps. Yes, you read that right. Living up to its name, 5 women ranging from Buxom Blonde to mediocre Girl Next Door line up in front of a conveyor belt with paddles in hand that read "Interested" on one side and, you guessed it, "Not Interested" on the other. And sure enough, they parade 30 different men out on a FREAKING conveyor belt (one at a time) for the women to choose like the Fresh Catch of the day. They can then "trade up" their catch for the next best man coming down the pike, literally. Of course, as if that is not degrading enough, ABC encourages the guys to wow the women with their own style and personality to which some interpret with a Speedo (there was no wowing going on there), a full on American Indian get up (this was just weird), and then the typical Nashville Singer-Songwriter-Badboy-Who-Really-Wants-To-Change (Gag-A-Maggot). After settling on their prize Hens (or Roosters in this case), the couples then set out on a date to find out more about each other... like their name and age (surprisingly, the couples didn't have much of a chance to talk beforehand seeing that their date was ON A CONVEYOR BELT). The only saving grace on this God forsaken show was the funny, incredibly average, chubby guy actually got the girl over the Bad Boy Singer proving that there may be a God after all, but even He has to be cringing.


JuLi-ElLe said...

I heard that it's international de-lurking week so I figured that I would de-lurk to tell you OH.MY.GAWD. that is the funniest thing I've ever heard! This post seriously made me go to Hulu and watch the first episode! I am HOOKED! Funniest absurdity on Tv! Thank you!

Julie said...

I sat through "The Bachelor" only because there was nothing else to watch, and I sort of enjoy seeing how low some women will stoop for fame and/or love. However, I could not believe my eyes when that Conveyor Belt show came on! I assumed it was straight from Hell, and quickly turned off the t.v.