Monday, January 25, 2010

You-Can-Change-Anything-In-60-Days Campaign

Those that know me know that I love change. Self Improvement, awareness, these are a few of my favorite things. So I am starting a movement- a You-Can-Change-Anything-In-60-days campaign that celebrates the ability to change anything you want. To get unstuck. So I have made my first goal a fitness one (because let's face it, I am shallow and vain) in which I will turn this flab into fab, and I will document it every step of the way for your enjoyment, inspiration, and my accountability. I will be completely honest with my stats, achievements, and shortcomings so as to make this process as authentic as possible. The start date is today, January 25, 2010 and will make my end date March 25, 2010. Will I be able achieve my total goal in 60 days? No, my ass is bigger than it appears. But the point is to establish a routine/lifestyle that will support my ultimate long term goal of being fit and proud of the skin I'm in. I will post new updates everyweek documenting the previous week and recording stats. If you are reading this, feel free to make your own goal (fitness or not) and join me on this blogging journey! So here we go... (deep breath)

Starting Stats:
Weight- 180
Chest- 44
Waist- 35.5
Hips- 45
Thighs- 26 (if your waist is, or ever has been this size; then you my friend, can suck it.)
Arms- 13.25

60 day Goal Stats:
Weight- 160
Chest- 40
Waist- 30
Hips- 40
Thighs- 23
Arms- 11

Pics will be coming soon... Be afraid, be very afraid.


Julie said...

I don't know you from the proverbial Adam, but stumbled on your blog from a friend-of-friend's blog. You make me laugh! I think my waist was 26" when I was 11-years-old. Congrats on setting a goal. I may follow in your footsteps (but no pictures).

Mandi said...

I am so glad you stumbled upon it! Please come back and share your story of your 60-day-change and spread the word! :)

Courtney and Jason G. said...

way to go! proud of you.

not proud enough to join you...

but i will always support your ...uh,.... er,... endeavors.